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About Stop Government


Stop Government is an organization made up of individuals who believe that government is unethical in all its forms.

Most people argue about the form a government must take, or about who must control the people. Supporters of democracy believe people must be controlled by the will of the majority of voters. Supporters of monarchy believe a hereditary king must control the people. Supporters of constitutionalism believe ultimate power must rest upon a historical document. In sharp contrast, we believe that nobody may control the people at all. That is to say, that government should not even exist at all. We believe that all governments should cease to exist.

What is the definition of government?

We define government as any large organization that uses force to control a large area of land, and all the people who are on that land.

The use of the word large, is meant to exclude people, families, their homes, and the small areas of land their homes reside on. We believe each living being has a right to their own fair share of land, and controlling this fair share of land does not constitute a government.

Force is a necessary requirement for the organization to be considered a government, so if all people in a particular area of land volunteer to live by a unified system of rules, no force is involved, and therefore, no government is involved.

History of Stop Government

Stop Government was created by Nadreamia in 2008.

This website went online in january 2009.